Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Friday...Friday...time for a new low carb recipe!

Hello hello!  So I've decided to turn Fridays into Low Carb recipe post days.  Every Friday I will post a low carb recipe either I concocted or someone else did and tell you how delicious or un-delicious it turned out!  Hopefully I will be posting a lot more delicious rather than un-delicious ones!

Today's post is all about PIZZA!  Boy do I LOVE me some pizza!  Trying to eat low carb can be quite difficult at times, and almost unbearable when you are watching TV and a Papa John's or Pizza Hut commercial comes on!  Torture!  I found this recipe through Pinterest and knew I had to try it the next day! I ended up making this for dinner on Wednesday night and boy was I glad I did.  Not only did the boyfriend love it, I loved it too!

The only carbs really came from the pizza sauce, which wasn't even that many.  The crust was made out of cream cheese, eggs, and a little parmesan cheese.  It actually rose up a little and had a softer consistency.  Not quite the pizza crust consistency but it definitely passed and tasted like pizza to me!  I think after factoring everything in and doing a recipe calculator on Sparkpeople, it came out to 8.1 net carbs per serving.  I didn't think that was that bad at all!  Here is how mine turned out, however I got the recipe from Kim at Accidental Mommies.  I want to make sure I give her yummy credit where yummy credit is due!  If you click that link you can find the recipe for this dish so what are you waiting for?  Head on over!  The picture alone should be enough to entice you.

On her recipe she just used pepperoni.  I added onion and bacon to make mine a little more hearty, but once you bake the "crust," you could pretty much add whatever you want to it to make it your own.  Let me know if you end up making this and what combinations you used and what you thought - I know I am definitely going to make it again!  I'm thinking about doing a half and half on the next one.  Half with toppings I enjoy, and half with toppings my boyfriend enjoys.

Yesterday I ran two miles at the gym on the treadmill.  Finished in just about 24 minutes.  A little slower than I wanted but at least I got out there and ran.  Hoping I can get outside today and run before I head into work tonight at 5pm.  I need to start stretching my run length out and getting ready for the 10K race I am running on April 20th in Covington!  Last year my time was 1:18 which is quite slow for me; so this year my goal is to finish at 1:05.  My boyfriend wants me to try for 1 hour even, but we shall see!

Alright well I guess that's all for now!  Until next time happy healthy eating and happy running!

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